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Trial report 971: Butirex VFA C4 improves weaner productivity

Butirex VFA C4, which is a butyric acid product, improves productivity in weaners. Once the costs of adding the product are covered, production value was positively affected when 0.3 % Butirex VFA C4 was added to weaner feed.

Productivity improved when 0.3 % Butirex VFA C4 was added to weaner feed. The improvement more than made up for the extra costs of adding Butirex VFA C4. Butirex VFA C4 contains sodium butyrate (the salt of butyric acid).

Butirex VFA C4 was studied on one farm with weaners in a trial comprising two groups:

  • Group 1: Control
  • Group 2: Trial (incl. 0.3 % Butirex VFA C4)



The project was financially supported by the Pig Levy Fund and the EU and the Rural District Programme under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark. Activity no.: 052-300400. File no.: 3663-D-12-00227.


Updated: 27.06.2013


Lisbeth Jørgensen

Programme manager

Tel.: +45 3339 4301