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Trial report 952:Fine grinding and BS3 Xylanase improve productivity

Daily gain and FCR improved when weaners were fed a finely ground diet compared with a coarsely ground diet. The addition of BS3 Xylanase also improved gain and FCR.


This trial demonstrated that finely ground feed improves weaner productivity. Two different products containing carbohydrate-splitting enzymes (xylanase) were also investigated, and results demonstrated that each product affected weaner productivity differently. 

Weaners are unable to digest coarsely ground meal feed as well as finely ground meal feed, and their growth rate slows. Results revealed that grinding affected FCR and daily gain by approx. 3% (0.05 FUgp/kg gain and 18 g daily gain). The effect of adding xylanase was the same irrespective of grinding. The addition of BS3 Xylanase improved weaner productivity by 2-3% (÷ 0.03 FUgp/kg gain and + 16 g daily gain), whereas the addition of Porzyme 9302 had no significant effect. The costs related to BS3 Xylanase were fully covered by the improved productivity. 

Weaners fed coarsely ground meal feed had significantly fewer treatments for diarrhoea (1.35 treatment days per pig) compared with weaners fed finely ground meal feed (1.82 treatment days per pig). However, more weaners died and more were moved to hospital pens in the group fed coarsely ground feed. This was not investigated further.

The trial comprised weaners in the growth period 8 - 30 kg. The trial set-up comprised six groups all fed not-heat-treated meal feed:

Group 1 6 
Grinding Fine  Coarse  Fine  Coarse  Fine  Coarse 
Sieve profile in grain, % under:above 1 mm 65:35  40:60  65:35  40:60  65:35  40:60 
Xylanase  None  None  875 units/kg BS3 Xylanase  875 units/kg BS3 Xylanase  4,000 units/kg Porzyme 9302  4,000 units/kg Porzyme 9302 



The project was financially supported by the Pig Levy Fund and the GUDP programme under the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Fisheries. Project ID: VSP09/10/51; journal no.: 3405-10-0098.

Updated: 12.12.2012


Dorthe K. Rasmussen

Project Manager, Ph.D.

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Lisbeth Jørgensen

Programme manager

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