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Trial report 772:Aviprox and Aviplus in feed for weaners

The addition of Aviprox and Aviplus til weaner feed increased the production value significantly. The increase in PV was largely outweighed by increased costs for adding the products.


The addition of the products Aviprox and Aviplus to feed for weaners was investigated in one herd. Both products are a synergic mixture of organic acids and nature-identical flavours microencapsulated with a lipid matrix. The aim of the trial was to provide documentation for the effect of the products on the productivity of weaners. The trial comprised 38 pens of approx. seven piglets/pen (replicates) and 256 pigs per treatment group. One pen from each treatment group was allocated to successive blocks, hence there were 38 blocks in total, giving an RCB (random complete block) trial design.

The trial comprised three treatment groups:

Group 1 (38 pens):  Control 
Group 2 (38 pens):  As control, but with the addition of 2 kg Aviprox per tonne feed (0.2%) 
Group 3 (38 pens):  As control, but with the addition of 3 kg Aviplus per tonne feed (0.3%) 

The products were delivered by the Italian company Vetagro and were added to feed that was neither heat-treated nor pelleted. Furthermore, the acid binding capacity of the feed was reduced and as a result the calcium content of the feed did not meet the Danish standard, but the level was identical in all three groups.

Analyses of the feed showed good agreement between the calculated content and the analysed content of nutrients.

On the basis of the production results obtained in the trial, the production value was calculated using the same prices in all three groups. The production value thereby expresses the total production results in one value. The pigs in groups 2 and 3 had a significantly higher production value than the control group. This was primarily due to a significantly increased daily gain and, for group 3, also a significantly improved feed conversion.

Based on the prices supplied by Vetagro, the profit of the increased productivity largely corresponded to the increased feed price arising from the addition of the products. 


Updated: 08.12.2006


Lisbeth Jørgensen

Programme manager

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