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The 2017 national average productivity index reveals a 1.1 increase in pigs weaned/sow/year. Finisher productivity improved by 5.9% compared with 2016.


2017 productivity data was collected from Danish pig farms that use either AgroSoft or Cloudfarms. Farm owners agreed to share productivity data included in the farm productivity reports and data was submitted either directly via AgroSoft or Cloudfarms or by regional advisory centres and with help from Danish Crown. The data material includes 535 sow farms with a total of 423,000 sows/year; 532 weaner farms with a total production of 12.5 million weaned pigs; and 628 finisher farms with a total of 4.6 million finished pigs. This is slightly fewer farms and animals than in the 2016 data material.

Results are assessed as an average for each farm. Weaned pigs/sow/year averaged 33.3, which an increase of 1.1 pigs compared with 2016. Herd size averaged 792 sows/year, and total piglet mortality averaged 21.7%, which is an increase of 0.4 percentage points compared with 2016.

The production of weaned pigs averaged 23,569 weaned pigs/year. Standardized FCR averaged 1.87 Danish feed units (FU) per kg gain, which is a 0.01 improvement compared with 2016. Standardized ADG averaged 453 g, which is an increase of 7 g compared with 2016. Mortality averaged 3.1%, which is identical to the 2016 level.

Finisher producers finished averagely 7,372 pigs a year. Standardized ADG averaged 961 g, which is a 21 g increase compared with 2016. Standardized FCR averaged 2.66 FU per kg gain, which is a 0.04 improvement compared with 2016. Dead and culled averaged 3.1% of all finished pigs, which is a 0.3 percentage points improvement. The production value per pig place increased by 5.9% in 2017, which is the largest increase seen in finisher production in the ten-year period covered by this report.



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Updated: 08.03.2019