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Feeding trials

Pig Research Centre offers a wide range of feeding trials. Companies wishing to have their products tested will find answers to frequently asked questions relating to the way feeding trials are conducted.

The supply of feed additives is constantly increasing, and pig producers, advisors, and feed mills require impartial documentation to ensure that they get their money's worth when investing in and using these products. However, documentation of their effect is often sparse. Pig Research Centre therefore offers companies to have their products tested in a reliable, quick and cost-effective manner. It is also possible for feed mills to have a feed mix tested.

The Department for Nutrition and Reproduction is responsible for all feed-related activities under Pig Research Centre. We have one experimental station, Grønhøj, as well as contact to a number of pig production farms (trial hosts) where feeding trials can be conducted.

Please note that companies wishing to have a product tested that is not approved in the EU for the animals in question must forward appropriate product information to the Danish Plant Directorate. A trial cannot start before this approval has been obtained from the Danish Plant Directorate.

Further information

For information on the various types of trial offered and the costs and conditions of these, download the entire document.


Lisbeth Jørgensen

Programme manager

Tel.: +45 3339 4301