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Trial report 1513: Operating costs of chemical air cleaner from Munters A/S in a finisher unit

Test shows that the chemical air cleaner MAC 2.0 used 18.2 kWh electricity; 2.1 kg acid; and 164 L water per finished pig when operating at full cleaning capacity in a finisher unit.


SEGES Pig Research Centre tested the chemical air cleaner MAC 2.0 from Munters A/S to document the consumption of electricity, acid and water and to evaluate operational stability over the course of one year. The air cleaner is an updated version of the MAC 1.0 air cleaner.

Results demonstrated that the MAC 2.0 used 18.2 kWh, 2.1 kg acid and 164 L water per finished pig. Based on the data collected in the investigation, operating costs amounted to DKK 18.5 per finished pig. The test period lasted a year in a finisher unit and the air cleaner operated at full capacity. It will probably be possible to lower the power consumption by changing the settings of the exhaust capacity of the air cleaner to more energy-friendly levels. There were no service stops and no repairs were made during the test period, ie. an uptime of 100% was recorded. Ammonia concentrations in the ventilation air, recorded as point measurements before and after the air cleaner, dropped by averagely 93%.

Updated: 05.11.2015


Malene Jørgensen

Project Manager 

Tel.: +45 3339 4956