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GuidelinesGuidelines on growth management

Guidelines on growth management

This set of guidelines provides best practice instructions on management of weaners and finishers.
Støtte af Fødevareministeret og EU

Obtaining good production results in both the weaner and finisher units requires skills, know-how, planning and consistent work routines. If this goes hand in hand with pigs of premium quality, correctly designed pens and optimum environment, pig producers are assured of increased earnings, improved production results and a greater job satisfaction.  

In the management tool ”Growth Management - Pigs”, all knowledge and practical experiences are compiled in an accessible format. Combined with dedicated advice, these fact sheets will make it easier for farmers and staff alike to utilize the potential for improvements in a herd. 

Index of fact sheets
H1 - Daily supervision of weaners
H2 - Daily supervision of finishers
H3 - Behaviour
H4 - Fast intervention against tail biting
H5 - Water for weaners
H6 - Water for finishers, drinking bowl
H7 - Water for finishers, nipple drinker
H8 - Setting of feeders for weaners
H9 - Setting of feeders for finishers
H10 - Weaners - Liquid feeding ad lib
H11 - Finishers - Daily adjustment of feed
H12 - Finishers - Adjustment of feed chart
H13 - Weighing pigs
H14 - Danish Crown Logistik
H15 - Danish Crown contract: All in / All out
H16 - Danish Crown contract: Flex pick-up
H17 - Danish Crown contract - Section-wise pick-up
H18 - Driving and pick-up of pigs 
H19 - Drying the facility after wash
H20 - Sprinkling
H21 - Temperature strategy
H22 - The mechanical function of the ventilation system
H23 - Temperature and false air
H24 - Lying behaviour
H25 - Intake of cold air and draught
H26 - Quality of the air
H27 - Adjustment of cover in weaner facilities during summer
H28 - Adjustment of cover in weaner facilities during winter
H29 - Heat

Updated: 01.01.0001