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GuidelinesGuidelines for farrowing facilities

Guidelines for farrowing facilities

All routines in the farrowing unit - from pre-farrowing to weaning - are described in the guidelines on managament of the farrowing facility.
Støtte af Fødevareministeret og EU

Performance in the farrowing unit forms the basis of productivity in the sow unit.  

Good management routines in the farrowing unit are essential to be able to produce large and healthy weaners that form the basis of the future production. It is therefore important that all staff members are familiar with the farm routines - from preparing the farrowing pen for a new sow to successfully weaning the piglets. 

H1 - Preparing the farrowing facility and farrowing pen

H2 - Functional requirements to the farrowing pen

H3 - The environment of the sow

H4 - Preparation for farrowing

H5 - Supervision of farrowing

H6 - Obstetric aid

H7 - Colostrum

H8 - Cross-fostering

H9 - Nurse sows

H10 - Nurse sow for underweight piglets

H11 - Exchange of litters

H12 - Foster sow for piglets with reduced growth

H13 - The environment of the piglets

H14 - Supervision of the farrowing facility - of sows, piglets, facility and pen

H15 - Disease and treatment of sows

H16 - Disease and treatment of piglets

H17 - Iron, castration, tail docking and tooth grinding

H18 - Milk yield

H19 - Feeding of sows - liquid feed

H20 - Feeding of sows - dry feed

H21 - Individual adjustment of a sow’s feed dose after farrowing

H22 - Texture of feed for lactating sows

H23 - Feeding of piglets

H24 - Weaning procedure

H25 - Prevention and handling of shoulder lesions

H26 - Communication between the farrowing facility and other sections

H27 - Weekend / holiday replacement in the farrowing facility

H28 - Number of farrowing pens

H29 - Essential statutory requirements to the farrowing facility