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Blood plasma or products containing products from pigs except pig fat

SEGES, Danish Pig Research Centre, has introduced a control system to prevent the PED virus from entering Denmark.

Bent Nielsen, Director of Business at SEGES Pig Research Centre, explains about the blood plasma checks.


The scheme is administered by the DANISH Product Standard and largely follows the EU’s regulations for the production and storage of blood plasma. Compliance must be documented as follows:

  1. Heat treatment at a temperature of at least 80°C throughout and the dried blood and blood plasma must contain no more than 8% moisture with a water activity (AW) of less than 0.60.
  2. Storage under dry storage conditions at room temperature for at least 6 weeks

or treatment using an alternative processing method, which complies with current legislation, which must also be documented.

The procedure

Manufacturers of blood plasma and suppliers of products containing blood plasma must comply with the above requirements, and be able to document that they have done so. Having met the requirements, they will be entered on a list of manufacturers of blood plasma and a list of suppliers of products containing blood plasma.

In order to be sure that the product they buy has been handled in accordance with the regulations, pig producers and feed suppliers can thus select their suppliers from the respective lists.


By signing a declaration of agreement, manufacturers of blood plasma and suppliers of products containing blood plasma assign third party certification bodies the right to check that the stated requirements have been complied with.

Moreover, checks will made through the DANISH standard protocol that on-farm mixers, who buy products containing blood plasma, have purchased from the suppliers on one of the two lists.


If you have any questions regarding blood plasma checks you can contact Asger Kjær Nielsen at AKN@SEGES.DK or +45 3339 4431.

Updated: 16.12.2015

Lists of approved manufacturers and suppliers

Feed producers and pig producers may freely purchase from manufacturers entered on this list.

Pig producers may freely purchase from producers entered on this list.