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How to use the entry room

To reduce the transmission of MRSA CC398 from livestock to humans, it is crucial that all working on pig farms comply with the hygiene regulations applying to the entry room.

Pursuant to statutory order no. 949, staff, vets, advisors, visitors etc. must enter and leave pig facilities through an entry room.

 The entry room must be fitted with:

  • Basin with hot and cold water for washing hands
  • Hand soap
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Paper towels (bacteria develop in towels made of cloth)
  • Facility for change of clothes (change into work clothes or coveralls for use in the herd)
  • Facility change or wash and disinfection of footwear and equipment

However, the requirement for entry room does not apply to personnel access to and from outdoor/partially outdoor farms.

Pig Research Centre considers all pig farms as potentially infected, i.e. all humans who are in contact with live pigs may be carriers. HOWEVER, most people who are only in brief contact with pigs usually shed the infection within a few days.

It is crucial that everyone working on pig farms are aware of their responsibility in this regard as a high level of hygiene greatly decreases the risk of transmitting MRSA CC398 from the farm to the surrounding society.

Updated: 30.09.2014