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Staff and visitors

Staff on pig farms may be infected with MRSA CC398.

The MRSA guidelines issued by the Danish Health and Medicines Authority in 2012 estimate that all who work with live pigs are at risk of carrying MRSA 398 infection. It is therefore important that people who work with live pigs inform their doctor of this at a doctor’s appointment. The doctor/hospital will subsequently often also examine the patient's immediate family (household) to ensure that the correct antibiotic treatment is administered. However, as a consequence of extensive examination protocols, MRSA 398 is diagnosed in a large number of humans today - most of whom are in fact healthy.

Staff on pig farms can participate in all social activities without exceptions.


According to the MRSA guidelines issued by the Danish health authorities in 2012 pig farms may still receive visitors. However, in September 2014, the Danish Minister of Health introduced a ban on school visits to MRSA-infected pig farms until a new evaluation is available (expected by the end of 2014).

Pig Research Centre naturally follows the precautionary principle of the Minister, and has therefore introduced a temporary ban on school visits on pig farms. However, all pig farms may still receive industry-related visitors, such as advisors, veterinarians, workmen and buyers.