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Sign up for Danish Transport Standard

Transport operators or exporters/DanAvl distributors who wish to drive for a Danish pig producer are requested to contact A/S Baltic Control Ltd.

In order to drive for a Danish pig producer, a transport operator or exporter/DanAvl distributor must register with DANISH Transport Standard by contacting Baltic Control Certification via e-mail:

Baltic Control must be supplied with the following information:

  1. Name of haulier
  2. Address
  3. CBR no.
  4. Contact name
  5. Contact phone number 
  6. Contact e-mail
  7. CHR/CBR number of the used collection centres (for exporters)
  8. Submit a list of the registration numbers of all active vehicles to be included on an approved list.

The list must contain the following:

  1. Name of carrier (if other than the haulier/exporter)
  2. Registration number of the vehicle
  3. Country of origin

At any time, it is your responsibility as carrier or exporter that the requirements are complied with by all vehicles driving for you.

The price for a follow-up visit from Baltic Control amounts to Dkk 3,730.  If you need to submit any follow-up documentation, a fee of Dkk 585 will be charged to cover administrative costs and aftercare of forwarded documents.

Updated: 02.06.2014




The declaration must be completed and sent to:

Signing up

Sign up as DANISH-approved carrier/exporter by completing the declaration of assent and forward it to: