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Material and tools

The DANISH Transport Standard is to ensure that transporters, exporters and farmers meet the requirements for washing and disinfection of vehicles that have been abroad. Use our material and tools to prevent exotic Swine diseases entering Denmark.

Check vehicle from mobile phone or tablet

You can check the washing and disinfection status of the vehicle of your pig transporter from any given smartphone or tablet computer. 

Using an Android-based device

If you have an Android-based device two options are available:

  1. Enter Play Store (formerly Android Market), search CheckVehicle and install the app in the usual way..
  2. Go via the device's browser to Having entered this page, you have the possibility to store it as a bookmark or shortcut on the unit's desktop.

Using a non-Android based device

If your device is not based on an Android operating system (e.g. iPhone or iPad), please use method 2 above.

Check washing and disinfection status of the vehicle of your pig transporter - online or as application for Android phones.

Washing and disinfection times by sms

In order to keep control of the vehicles transporting live animals, you can receive a text message notifying you of the last time the transporter's vehicle has been washed and disinfected.

Simply send a text message to + 45 5129 1070 including the vehicle number, or number of the trailer and shortly after you will receive a reply informing you of the most recent time the vehicle has been washed and disinfected.

It makes no difference whether you use gaps, or major and minor case letters in the text message.

Example: Send text message with the vehicle’s number 'IZLM140' to +45 5129 1070

Answer: Latest wash for 'IZLM140 ':  10-01-2011 04:39:00

The Danish Transport Standard

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