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External soap cleaning of SPF-approved vehicles

An additional cleaning with soap and disinfection on critical parts of vehicle supplies sufficient safety that SPF-approved vehicles may have a shortened quarantine.

Due to the increased spreading of African Swine fever (ASF) in for instance Poland and the Baltic countries, an in-creased state of alert (black area) was introduced on October 1, 2016 to the DANISH Transportstandard.

This increased state of alert means, that vehicles which, within the last seven days, have been to areas included in the increased state of alert, must comply with a seven-day quarantine, if loading takes place directly from a herd. A professional evaluation of the risk of transmitting infection from SPF-approved vehicles, that have had a specific external soap cleaning has now resulted in that these types of vehicles may have shortened the seven days’ quarantine to two days.

This scheme becomes effective as of January 17, 2017.   

Please observe that the individual cleaning and disinfecting stations set the price for external soap cleaning.

Updated: 03.02.2017